Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Hellooooo... It's been a while!

I've been away for a bit because I have been distracted, yet again, with thoughts that continue to push forward with the loud whisper of... hey! Listen to me! I'm important! As has happened in the past, I am here now, re-inventing myself. From today, a BIG merger has begun!

This post is about a merger of past lives. I live in hope that one day, I can unclog my current thoughts, and bring those past lives together. Ok, so it isn't really about past lives, I haven't passed on to the other side or anything like that, although in some ways, my soul has.

I've been listening to the internal dialogue that is my thoughts for years, and as each one comes, more prominent than the last, I am distracted yet again. 

I ask myself, why all these distractions? 
What do they really mean? 

Do you ever feel like this?
Do your thoughts distract you so much so, that you simply must do something about them?

The distracting thoughts of my mind seem to beg me to do something creative. I am not creative in the way of making things like clothes, or re-decorating the house over again, which always gets me spending money I don't have, but I LOVE to write... about anything. I'm not that good at it so maybe in the act of writing, I can improve my writing?

I've thought many times of writing a novel or short story, I even entered the nanowrimo contest.

Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month challenge, an annual, internet-based creative writing project that takes place during the month of November. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word manuscript between 1st November and 30th November. 

It is a challenge, and totally absorbing as you focus on getting words onto paper, yet it is fascinatingly intoxicating as you focus on your thoughts, in the moment. Believe me, when your thoughts become as erratic as mine are wont to do, it can be a rather mind-altering affair.

Anyway, as I was saying. I often wonder if the thoughts pushing their way forward with the utmost importance, are more an inspiration to get up and create rather than a distraction. Maybe they are a little of both because it seems the thoughts are definitely more prominent in moments of utter despair about how I feel my life is going, or not going, as the case may be.

Year after year, I see changes that are reflected in my discovery of self. Year after year, I re-invent myself. This usually happens after a major change in circumstances, force me to take a look at my life.

When my thoughts are a mess, I tend to reinvent myself, over and over again. Life has created so many distractions, that I feel obsessed to be always doing something. 

For as long as I can remember, I have had moments of what I like to call, pure inspiration. It might be from something I've seen, read, or heard. From those thoughts, I am inspired for a short time... until I'm not, because... oh look! A butterfly!

I've created blogs, and websites, and dreamed of bookstores where I could sit and read, becoming lost in the pages of some fantastical book, whilst sipping my favorite latte, and listening to gentle fingers strumming a guitar in the background. 

This is my favorite thing to do. 

I am sitting here now, in my favorite place, with the breeze on my face, the sound of a Spanish guitar in the background, and doing my favorite thing. Writing... about everything... and nothing in particular.

The blogs I've created in the past? Here's a list.

Butterfly Whispers on Facebook. I love this site for the inspirational posts from beautiful people that I share for friends and family to see.

Butterfly Philosopher on Blogger. This was my first inspirational blog. When I look back at my thoughts from then, I feel the strength in the words. My mind was aflutter and on a new journey with the likes of Ekhart Tolle, and Neale Walsch. I still love these incredibly inspirational people. 

Back then, in 2009, I was searching for meaning and questioning the beliefs I had long held about religion. I'm still searching but in a different way today.

Your Soul Inspiration on Blogger. Wow. I had quite forgotten about this one. Procrastination was the topic of the day there.

Your Soul Inspiration on WordPress. This was one where I felt inspired but also wanted to monetize the site. I had created a few websites that cost money to run so wanted to cover the cost somehow.

I've created a few websites in the past, but have since closed them due to cost and time and, as you guessed it, other distractions have come to mind.

Life My Way Today
Click Away! Australia
Magick Designs
Let's 'ave a Chat

Post Script
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Updated 29 November 2020.


Hellooooo... It's been a while! I've been away for a bit because I have been distracted, yet again, with thoughts that continue to...